Mission Trips


Our STAMP (Short Term Adult Missions Program) goal is to provide adults with an opportunity to serve people locally and around the world in the context of a one- to two-week trip. STAMP projects have included construction, medical clinics, kids' programs, evangelism, and teaching English.  Black Rock teams have served in over 20 different areas of the world.

2020 Trips

We are postponing international trips through the summer of 2020.


Learn More and Apply


Why should I apply for a STAMP trip?

Four great reasons! 1) It will change your spiritual life; 2) It will help you better understand what God is doing in the world; 3) It will help the Black Rock partners we support; and 4) It will enable you to provide a useful service to people who need hope and who need to know Christ.

What about getting the money? Does the church pay my way?

No, the church does not pay your way, but we will give you concrete ideas as to how to raise the money. Contributions are made to the church Mission Trips program and are tax deductible. Financial aid is available for first-time participants.

If I go, will there be training?

Yes, there is a quality training program and a lot of team-building before you depart. The training is required and is at least four sessions.

Will I need a passport?

Yes, if you are going overseas.  They are relatively easy to obtain through your local post office.  We will also provide you information and guidance on the correct procedures.

Do I have to fill out an application?

Yes.  All team participants must complete an application.

What happens after I submit an application?

You will be interviewed by the trip leader and a member of our Mission Trips committee. Our desire is to assemble the right people for each trip. You will be promptly notified when you are accepted as a participant.

How do I get other information?

Contact the Missions Department by phone at 203/255-3401 and speak to Kerry or Pastor Jeremy, or via e-mail at   Or, you can contact the team leader directly.