Shine On

Love God. Love People. Serve Our World.

Shine On is our next step toward what God has for us at Black Rock Church!  The goal of this campaign is to build a second floor over our Kids' area, which was in our original design for this facility when we built it four years ago.  Completing this project will allow us to add much-needed space to our building to make room for our quickly growing Kids' Ministry, as well as our many Community Steps.  We hope that everyone who calls this church "home" will partner with us by making a pledge to this campaign - will you join us?

August 2018 Update

July 2018 Update

We are excited to announce that we have raised enough funding and pledges, construction has started on our second floor and will continue through the fall of 2019.  Thanks to all of you who are supporting this project.  If you would like to join in and make a pledge, you may still do so.  Just click on the link below.  


Summer 2018 - Begin Construction

Fall 2019 - Grand Opening

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The Second Floor

This church building was originally designed to have a second floor, but we could not construct this much-needed space in 2014 due to a lack of funding.  

Now's the time to complete our building!

Additions on the Second Floor

Kids areas for 3rd and 4th graders

SHINE Special Needs Ministry Area

More space for Starting Point, Living Free, and Community Groups

Training Center for Black Rock Interns

Inspiration Hub for equipping local pastors and church leaders

Flexible work spaces for our staff

Expanded areas for Video and Media Ministries

Eliminating Our Mortgage

Our current facility was financed with a mortgage of $4.7 million.  Due to the generosity of God's people at Black Rock, we have paid down our debt to $2.45 million.  We believe that God is calling us to make the elimination of our mortgage a priority during this new campaign.

Your Place in Our Vision

We aspire to have 100 percent of Black Rock's Christ-followers financially participate in this Shine On partnership.  We will not all give the same amount, but unity is important to Jesus, and we want to take up this call together.  In that spirit, we pray that all those who call Black Rock Church "home" will be united by participating in this mission to Shine On as one for God's glory. 

We are so excited about this new campaign, and we believe that God is leading us into this project to reach more people with the hope of the gospel.  As an individual or together as a household, will you prayerfully consider joining us by making a two-year commitment to this project?

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