Take A Step Into Community

At Black Rock our purpose is to help people love God, love people and serve our world. We do that as we worship together, invest in Jesus-centered relationships within our church community and serve using our abilities. Central to that mission is spending time living closely with others who are following Jesus in their day-to-day life. Just like Jesus surrounded himself with intentional relationships that he could speak truth into and receive encouragement from, we want to do the same. If you have been attending a worship service for a while, it’s time to connect in community.

Opportunities to Connect in Community

As we grow in our love for God the result is we grow in our love for people. God designed the church to be a community of Jesus-followers who show each other unconditional love, encouragement and care as we link arms to live as Jesus wants us to live. At Black Rock we resource four primary opportunities for intentional community. 

Starting Point Groups

Starting Point is a group-based, conversational environment where people can explore faith and form relationships with others on a similar quest.

Starting Point is ideal for:
       Seekers:    Those who are curious about God, Jesus, the Bible, or Christianity.
       Starters:    Those who are new to a relationship with Christ.
       Returners: Those who want to share their faith easily and naturally with
                        friends and neighbors.

Read more about Starting Point Groups Here

Community Groups

Community Groups study the Bible together and encourage one another as they seek to apply spiritual truths to everyday life. These groups meet once a week for about two months at a time and are held in private homes throughout Southern Connecticut. 

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Living Free Groups

God longs for us to experience freedom beyond what we can imagine, but often we are held back by the hurts in our lives. Living Free Groups provide a safe place to find healing, hope and support from the effects of abuse and trauma, childlessness and infant death, divorce, grief, substance or other dependencies.

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Parents’ Groups

Being the parent of a young child is time-consuming and sometimes isolating. Building relationships with other parents committed to following Jesus in their parenting strengthens families. Moms of the Rock and Fathers of Black Rock provide practical and spiritual input for this unique life stage.

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Join Us at Open HOUSE

If you’re not sure which Community step is the best choice for you, receive personalized input at an Open House gathering. Our next OPEN HOUSES will take place Sunday April 19 at 11:15 am and 12:45 pm in the Next Steps Room.  Light refreshments will be served, and childcare is available in our regular Kids program.  

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