Living Free Nights

Jesus invites us to experience positive life change beyond what we can imagine, but we can be held back by unresolved issues in our lives. It takes courage to admit our struggle; yet help is available when we’re ready to take a bold step forward. Black Rock’s Living Free Groups provide a safe place where you can discover healing, hope and support.

Some groups are meeting throughout the summer.

For confidential help getting connected to a group, email

What to Expect 

All Living free groups are Biblically-based and present Jesus Christ as the ultimate source of healing. He is the Higher Power to whom our lives must be surrendered. The Bible, God's written Word, is our guidebook for healing and recovery.

Each group will provide a confidential, safe environment where people are free to openly share their struggles and victories as they develop healthy relationships with God, themselves and others.

Group facilitators are Christ-following peers in a mutual relationship with others who are seeking freedom from the painful issues of past or present circumstances. As individuals fully participate in the group process, they can move from discouragement and pain toward healing and wholeness.

“The LORD’S Spirit has come to me, because he has chosen me to tell the Good News to the poor. The LORD has sent me to announce freedom for prisoners, to give sight to the blind, to free everyone who suffers and to say, ‘this is the year the LORD has chosen.’’’ (Luke 4:18-19, CEV)

Connect with a Group

We understand that joining a Living Free Group is a big step, and we’re here to answer your questions and help you get plugged in to the right group. For confidential help, email .

Anxious for Nothing

This group for women focuses on helping those who are struggling with the debilitating effects of anxiety and depression. The goal is to facilitate growth and trust in God’s restoring power as the ultimate source of freedom. Participants complete a weekly study and meet for discussion, prayer and sharing in a safe, supportive environment. As group members grow and heal, they can, in turn, strengthen others who are facing the same challenges. This group may be especially helpful during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Breaking Free from Anger

A group for men who are seeking to manage anger and find greater peace in their lives. Through discussion, helpful resource materials and prayer, participants will discover tools to deal with the core issues that can lead to anger and frustration.


Separation and divorce are among life’s most painful and stressful experiences. It’s a confusing time when people may feel isolated and have questions about issues they’ve never before faced. DivorceCare meets weekly to help you manage these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life. A video seminar featuring interviews, real life case studies and other helpful tools is followed by discussion with time to share about what’s going on in your personal journey as you receive support from the group.

For Men Only 

FMO provides a safe place for men who are struggling with compulsive personal purity issues which are being acted out in unhealthy ways. The focus is on helping group members grow through community as men encourage and support one another in a non-judgmental environment that builds accountability. Through the development of healthy boundaries, participants avoid relapses and experience hope.

For Women Only

These groups are for women who are dealing with personal purity issues or facing this challenge with the men in their lives. Through study, discussion, prayer, and support, women learn how to overcome their pain and sense of betrayal. As group members move toward forgiveness and restored trust, relationships can grow in health and renewed joy.

Grieving with Hope 

If you’ve suffered the passing of a family member or friend, it may be difficult to feel optimistic about the future. This can be a frustrating, lonely time as you face concerns for which there are no easy answers. Grieving with Hope will help you work through these issues and move toward rebuilding hope. Videos featuring interviews with grief and recovery specialists, real-life case studies and other helpful tools are followed by group discussion with time to share about what’s going on in your personal journey as you receive support from the group. Help is available for those dealing with grief and trauma during the pandemic.

Hannah’s Hope 

This group supports women who have suffered the loss of an infant due to miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death and those who are dealing with the heartache of infertility. As group participants move through the grieving process, Hannah’s Hope seeks to create an environment where healing can begin. Through a weekly study with discussion, prayer and sharing, women strengthen one another and experience hope for the future. 

Steps to Freedom (separate groups for men & women)

A group promoting personal growth and Christ-centered recovery for those seeking freedom from the life-challenging issues of alcohol or other chemical dependencies. Recovery is based on the 12-step process with emphasis on restoration through surrender to our Higher Power, Jesus Christ. In a confidential, safe setting, participants are freed to share struggles and breakthroughs as they build healthy relationships with God, themselves and others. 

Steps to Freedom for Families

This group focuses on supporting those whose lives have been affected by the chemical dependency struggles of family members and friends. As group members support one another, learn healthy coping tools and turn to God’s truth for healing and understanding, they will experience hope to face the future with greater confidence. Participants will grow in their ability to handle misplaced guilt and shame, identify enabling behaviors and develop skills to support their loved one’s recovery.


For women who have walked through various life stages, but continue to struggle with the challenges of past sexual abuse and trauma. Group facilitators closely partner with participants to shatter the silence and shed God's light on the darkness of their abuse. Each session relies on the power of the Holy Spirit to apply the layers of healing that women need to encounter genuine breakthrough. Through study, discussion and prayer, the goal is to help women "soar" so that they can live in freedom and experience their God-intended purpose. 

Threshold of Hope

A group for younger, single women who have experienced sexual abuse and trauma. By creating a safe setting that allows women to engage in discussion and support, light is brought into the dark places of secrecy, silence, and shame that surround sexual abuse. Group members also complete a helpful weekly study. Those who have received personal counseling for this issue will experience added life change in this confidential, safe group.

What's Eating You

This group for men and women helps people find freedom from their fixation on food through a satisfying relationship with God. The term will include a 40-day sugar fast. If you find yourself running to food for comfort or reward, eating from habit or boredom or struggling with self-control, this group will help you replace your cravings with a new appetite for the good things God has in store for you.