Facility Usage

  • At Black Rock, we understand that the amazing facilities  we enjoy are a gift from God and we are meant to steward them responsibly to selflessly glorify Him and serve others. Therefore, we allow members and attenders of our church to use our facilities for both ministry and personal functions.  We also grant those from outside of our church some access to our facilities on a more limited basis.
  • Church Members & Attendees:  Whether you're planning a wedding, funeral, or other type of activity, please read through the full Facility Use Policy document so you better understand the requirements and costs associated with using the facility.  Then fill out the Online Request Form to request your event. 
    View Our Wedding Handbook
  • Those Outside Our Church:  Please read through the non-member Facility Use Policy document, and then contact Priscilla Guinta ( to determine if we can facilitate your event.  Scheduling can be quite difficult, but we will do our best to accommodate you!  Please note that we can't rent our building to for-profit businesses, only non-profits that have proper documentation.