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Women's Weekend: A Place Called Home

Posted by Jessica Schneider - Guest Blogger on

From the beginning, the idea for “A Place Called Home” began in my home.  The themes for the different sessions this year are based on different places in the home but more importantly on how those places reflect the heart.

I have learned a lot about each "place" over the years, but I think the biggest "places" I have learned the most recently have been “The Table” and “The Living Room.” Over the past 8 months or so, I have had 2-3 women over each month for dinner. The women I invited were not in my circle of friends, but looking back they were each handpicked by God to come together. We began by sharing a meal at my table, and then moved to the couch for more in depth conversation and dessert! It was always an intimate night that was set aside, a time where God met us, and a time that was sacred.

During our two hours together we gave thanks, we encouraged, we shared (sometimes things that we have never shared with anyone else), we dreamt, we cried, we laughed…sometimes until we cried, we prayed, and we ended with full hearts. And these moments don’t just happen once a month with these women either; they happen at our gatherings for planning Women’s Weekends.

These times are where the themes for each session of “A Place Called Home” came from.

Now, you may be thinking “my home life is broken,” or “I don’t have my own home.” You may even think that you wouldn’t feel welcome. If you are thinking, or feeling this way, we want you to know that this weekend is focused on what would happen if home wasn’t necessarily the physical place we live in, but more so the condition of our hearts. What would that even look like? It would look like having a grateful heart. It would look like knowing your identity in Christ.  It would flow out of intimacy with Jesus and being intimate with others. It looks like having a heart that is relational, and it looks like carrying that wherever you go.

As some of you may have seen, I have been using the hashtag #experiencethetable for “A Place Called Home.” The reason is because a lot happens at the table…

So, come. You are welcome. We invite you to experience the table. Come laugh with us, come pray along with us, come worship with us, come as we encourage one another, and come learn more about His heart, His home.

Registration is filling up fast! You can register today by clicking here.


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