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The Reason: Student Ministry Sunday

Posted by Tim Blow on

Coming up in just a few short weeks, Black Rock’s stage is going to change for one Sunday only. How is it going to change, you ask?  Just by a few decades.

On June 11th, Black Rock has its annual Student Ministry Sunday. This is a Sunday where high school students take over the worship services leading in prayer, music, ushering, and even in areas of tech.   Now FUSION, our high school ministry, has its own programming, so why do we have this Sunday where the students take over?

The reason could be that we want to promote the fact that students are not just the church of tomorrow but also the church of today. Students are not just the generation we are striving to raise up in following Jesus so that one day, they might take over once people like me are much older and have even more gray than we do now. We don’t see this breakdown of generations in the early church but see young men like Timothy, who being trained up and mentored by the Apostle Paul, lead a church of those much older than he was. Even the disciples of Jesus themselves were not these older men depicted in our minds or the paintings of old. In fact, there is evidence from the end of Matthew 17 that the disciples, with the exception of Peter, were all under the age of 20. We want to show that God is using students today as He did 2,000 years ago to change the landscape of this world for the Gospel starting at Black Rock Church. This could be the reason.

The reason could be exposure. Every Sunday, I see students wandering around Black Rock who have never stepped foot in our Student Ministry. Though being a part of our student ministry no more guarantees a student’s success in their faith than not being a part of it automatically guarantees a student’s failure in faith, what I have seen in the 15 years that I have been leading students is that a student’s involvement with a community of other Christ followers can directly impact their ability to have a truly lasting faith. See, at Black Rock Student Ministry, we seek to push students to live out their faith.  I’m not talking about just being a good person or even being involved at church. I am talking about living a life where faith is not just a part of their lives but interwoven and impacting every area of their lives - where students share their faith with their friends and watch as God not only changes their lives but also changes the lives of their friends.  We want students who haven’t been a part of our ministry to see that this ministry is a place where they can flourish in their faith. This could be the reason.

However, the ultimate reason we have Student Ministry Sunday is so that our Heavenly Father can be glorified as high school students live contrary to how the world typically thinks of them and instead lead the greater church in worshiping God.

Join us on June 11th for Student Ministry Sunday!

Click here to learn more about our Student Ministry at Black Rock.


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