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Short Term Adult Missions Program: Q & A with Pastor Larry

Posted by Larry Fullerton on

At Black Rock, we have this crazy goal to continue sending people on overseas or domestic STAMP trips. STAMP stands for Short Term Adult Missions Program.  Trips are usually 5 to 9 days long and usually support one of our overseas missionaries or local ministry partners.  We have trips scheduled this year to Ghana, Nigeria, Panama, Rwanda, Dominican Republic, Haiti, West Virginia, Bridgeport and Royal Family Kids’ Camp.

Let me try to anticipate some of your questions and provide answers to those questions:

Q:   Why does Black Rock Church encourage people to go on one of these trips?
A:   For two reasons:  First, we want to help those who our missionary or local partners serve.  Our presence and our work help validate both the Gospel and the missionary. Second, we have found that trips fundamentally change participants – their prayer lives and devotion to God and global missions is deepened and broadened by their involvement in serving our missionary partners and others.

Q:   Isn’t it more economical just to send a contribution and not have all the travel and expenses of sending a team?
A:   Yes it would, in some cases, make economic sense just to send money. However, it goes back to the saying, “Give a person a fish and satisfy her for a moment.  Teach her to fish and forever change her life.” There is no substitute for experiencing missions first hand.  There is no more impactful moment than holding a starving child in your arms and realizing that she craves love and affection. There is no substitute for experiencing the Gospel’s power to give hope to the world’s poor and powerless. Tithing and sharing of our plenty is enhanced as we see for ourselves how privileged we are in America and how we can be an active part in changing a life.

Q:   What does applying for a STAMP trip require?
A:   Requirements are pretty simple. First, familiarize yourself with trips being offered. Second, pray and ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Third, fill out an application and interview for the team.  Fourth, join others on a team.  Trips are also open to non-Black Rock attenders.

Q:   Does the church pay your way?
A:   Nope. Sorry about that. The church has, over the past 20 years, developed a system that will help you raise support through tax deductible donations from friends and relatives. Scholarships are also available. We also will help assure that you have at least 10 people who will partner with you in prayer as you prepare and serve on the trip.

Q:  How do I get more information on upcoming trips?                
A:   Respond to this blog, or contact me at or Dawn at

I challenge you to put a BRC STAMP trip on your bucket list for 2017 and beyond.

Pastor Larry


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