Pastor Dan's Top 3 Reasons to Attend Men's Weekend

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I am sitting here at my desk looking out the window watching the first leaves of Fall color drift lazily to the ground (mostly golden yellow Beech tree leaves, I believe). The days are still sunny and warm while the nights have the beginning stages of chill in the air – makes for great sleeping weather. While staring out the window, I begin to think about the annual Men’s Weekend (Oct. 20-22) coming up in just about a week or so.  I am thinking about all the men I know who point to that weekend as being a defining moment in their lives – a weekend where they came to know God, where they made commitments concerning their priorities, their marriage, their families, and decisions about their future. Decisions that have impacted their lives in powerful and dramatic ways. And then I begin to think about all the guys who have not had the experience of a Black Rock Men’s Weekend and all they miss out on because they didn’t make plans to attend this opportunity to grow and stretch both relationally and spiritually. Let me highlight the top three reasons to not miss this weekend with the men of Black Rock.

First, the annual Men’s Weekend at Camp Spofford is probably the best opportunity to connect with guys you do not know yet from the church. You meet guys who attend a different morning worship service than you, who may be in a different life stage than you, or who serve in a totally different area of ministry than you do – guys who you may never run into on a Sunday morning. Connecting with guys who run in different circles than you is one of the great opportunities afforded at a men’s retreat that otherwise would not happen during the course of a normal weekend. 

The second reason to not miss Men’s Weekend is the depth of relationship building that happens. While you meet people you do not know, you also are able to go deeper with the guys you already do know from your interactions at church. Spending this weekend with guys who are your friends – eating meals, playing sports, praying, worshipping, and just hanging out talking about life – allows you to go deeper than you ever could on a Sunday morning. The relationship building between men on this weekend has to be worth at least six months of Sunday morning interaction between friends! It’s on a weekend like this where a group of friends become a Band of Brothers. The relationships developed and deepened on Men’s Weekend often become friendships that last a lifetime. 

The top reason for not missing Men’s Weekend is this: God does some of His best work on a weekend that focuses on Him! Men’s lives are transformed. A deepened relationship with God, a sense of His love for us as favored sons, and a clarified view of our purpose and destiny are results of this weekend of spiritual growth. As I mentioned earlier, guys experience healing and growth through a strengthened relationship with Him and then reset priorities and make commitments that ignite their faith for years to come. As a result, families are strengthened and children are positively impacted because of the growth experienced. Life transformation – that’s the goal – a defining moment in the life of a man. New friendships, deepened relationships with a band of brothers, and a life transformed through a growing relationship with God – that sounds like a pretty good weekend. Hope to see you at Camp Spofford!

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