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This Sunday, Pastor Jeremy told us the one thing that influences us most and who we become is who we sit next to. The Bible repeatedly reinforces the importance of community. We want to help you find those people you need to sit next to – the people who will help you grow and that will encourage you to have an impact on others.

We know that God has plans for us as a church in 2018. We saw God move in record ways in 2017! We had more people than ever visit our church and get introduced to God. We had over 900 people serving at the church this year - a record. We had a record number of people involved in community through Community Groups, Living Free, and life stage groups for students, young adults, parents and seniors. We had record attendance on Sundays culminating with over 4,500 people attending Black Rock on Christmas Eve.

So how will you live out the plans God has for you in 2018, and how will you join what God is planning for your church in 2018? Thankfully God already knows, we just need to find the opportunities God has planned for us. We find those opportunities by taking steps of faith and by joining in community with other believers. As we step out, God guides us to the plans He has for us.

As you begin 2018, make worshiping God on Sundays a priority.
As you begin 2018, join a Christ-centered community.
As you begin 2018, look for ways to serve or attend the next serving seminar.

God is working every moment of every day to share His love, joy and salvation with this world. How will you join what God is doing this year?

Whether you are looking for a Community Group or need help finding your place on our serving team, email us at  or check out We would love to share what God is doing and how you can join.


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