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NEW Week - Choose church

-Dates: March 7-March 13
-Reading: Pages 222-269
-Thought-Question: What ways are you tempted to make comfort more important than your church and spiritual growth?
-Main Application: Take a step that prioritizes your goal of spiritual growth through the opportunities at Black Rock. 
-Great ways to "Choose Church" right now are:

Spiritual Gifts

Pastor Dan shares with us how God has purposely gifted members of His church differently for serving one another as a church body. If you’d like to better understand what spiritual gifts you may have, this free online gifts test is a great place to start. 

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Connect in a Group

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Serve on a Team

SEE ways to use your gifts & talents

Sunday, March 7 | Day 34
Monday, March 8 | Day 35
Tuesday, March 9 | Day 36
Wednesday, March 10 | Day 37
Thursday, March 11 | Day 38
Friday, March 12 | Day 39
Saturday, March 13 | Day 40

Looking back - Seek Solitude
Pastor Dan & Marjie - Spending time with god


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